Cobdenhealth Executive Management Team (EMT)

In May 2019, Cobdenhealth staff and residents welcomed Corporate Services Manager, Karen Minne, in June, their new Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nursing, Evan Hill, and in August, Clinical Care Manager, Suzanne Sharples.

Evan Hill - Chief Executive Officer & Director of Nursing

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Evan originates from Central Victoria, had worked in South West Victoria from 2008-2010 prior to travelling to work in various roles throughout a diverse range of organisations. Evan joins us most recently from the Northern Territory and Western Australia prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nursing at Cobdenhealth in June 2019. Evan is an experienced clinical and operational manager of healthcare services across a variety of environments including Tertiary Hospitals (private), Aboriginal medical services, primary and correctional health, and comes with a unique ability to fit in well with and lead teams through change and challenging situations. Evan has been a Registered Nurse for 13 years with experience in Acute care, particularly emergency and cardiac, he has been a Forensic Nurse since 2012, and is a qualified Advanced life support Paramedic with on road experience! Evan has been welcomed by Cobdenhealth and the community and we look forward to watching him exceed in his role, taking Cobdenhealth into the future.

Karen Minne - Corporate Services Manager ...

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Suzanne (Sue) Sharples - Clinical Care Manager

Sue was born in England. She relocated to Australia in 1993 and has practiced as a Division 1 Nurse in Aged Care for many years. She has fantastic management skills and was most recently a Facility Manager in Tasmania prior to her appointment at Cobdenhealth as the Clinical Care Manager in August 2019.

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