Cobdenhealth delivers a range of aged care options and community services. Our highly trained staff and allied health providers are committed to providing the highest quality services.

  • We have 60 residential beds for people who are no longer able to live independently.
  • Our kind of care is tailored to resident’s emotional, physical and social wellbeing.
  • Our Urgent Care Centre is accessible day or night to deal with emergencies in the local community.

We continually strive to innovate through

  • Investing in the capability and development of our nursing staff to provide the very best health and emergency care services to our residents and our community.
  • Providing a healthy seasonal menu with quality fresh food and preparation techniques.
  • Our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning services.
  • Building facilities and services that will support community needs now and into the future.

The difference with our kind of care is our people

  • We employ over 100 staff who care about our residents and our local community.
  • Our staff developed SHARE values to provide our kind of care to residents, clients, volunteers and each other.

What we believe in



Caring, Friendly, Equality, Assistance.



Integrity, Trustworthy, Transparent, Open, Fairness.



Responsible, Teamwork, Leadership.



Consideration for all, Confidential, Listen, Customer First, Compassionate.



Innovative, Quality, Consistency, Reliable


Our site was founded in 1957 as the Cobden and District Bush Nursing Hospital, and provided acute hospital care to the community for over 40 years. In 1998 the facility no longer provided acute hospital care, and was renamed Cobden District Health Services Inc.