Home Care Packages

If you need support to remain in your own home, you may be eligible for a government subsidized Home Care Package.

A Home Care Package (HCP) gives you the flexibility of who provides your care, and there are many choices of support: nutrition, domestic and personal necessities, transportation, shopping, nursing and allied health services, mobility and in-home respite.

The professional case managers at Cobdenhealth will help to plan and coordinate your in-home care services.

Cobden Health - In-Home Care Services
  • Eligibility for Home Care Packages

    The Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) will determine your eligibility for a home care package (or other help at home).

    To get a referral for an ACAS assessment, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422; or, call ACAS direct on (03) 5561 9351; or, see your local doctor, district nurse or other health professional to be referred.

    There is no minimum age requirement, assessments can be done in the privacy of your own home, and they are free.

  • CobdenHealth Case Management

    You decide the level of involvement you want with managing your Home Care Package.

    Our Case Managers meet with you to discuss your goals and preferences when developing your care plan. Your package is tailored to your needs and has the flexibility to adjust as your needs change.

    The fees payable will vary depending on the level of services required and are negotiated upon acceptance of a package. For more information contact Cobdenhealth.


Respite Care

Support when you need it.

Caring for someone can be stressful, and wherever possible, regular breaks should be planned for both carers and those receiving care.

Cobdenhealth can provide respite for a few hours, a night, a few days or weeks at a time, as is needed. In our respite care, you can relax knowing your loved one will receive the very best quality of care whilst you are taking a break or unable to care.

Respite support is available ‘in home’ for short periods via our Home Care Package program, or ‘in residence’. Contact Cobdenhealth to discuss respite requirements, make a booking, or to arrange a facility tour.

Residential Care

We provide supported accommodation and personal care for people of all ages and stages of life, who are unable to live independently. Residents receive our kind of care in a comfortable and secure environment, with respect for individuality, independence and dignity.

Cobdenhealth will help you get organised for living in care at every step. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Cobden Health - Residential Care
  • Residential Care Assessment

    The Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) will determine your eligibility for residential care.

    To get a referral for an ACAS assessment, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422; or, call ACAS direct on (03) 5561 9351; or, see your local doctor, district nurse or other health professional.

    Assessment involves cognitive screening, checking management of day-to-day activities (showering, cooking, cleaning, shopping), general health and understanding what you feel you need. This is required to determine your eligibility for the appropriate level of residential aged care.

  • Centrelink Assessment Form

    Complete a Centrelink Assessment Form and return it to Centrelink.

    You can obtain a Centrelink Assessment Form from any Centrelink office, or download from their website, or ask for a copy at Cobdenhealth.

    When Centrelink has reviewed your form, they will send you an income and assets assessment letter (ACAS assessment letter). This letter details any costs that you may need to contribute towards your care (‘co-contribution costs’) and a copy of this letter needs to be provided to Cobdenhealth.

  • Understand your Financial Situation

    It is important to understand your options when considering residential aged care. We recommend you or your family consult a trusted financial professional who can assist you with the decisions involved in the transition into aged care.

    Check out the Moneysmart website and Common Questions to ask your Financial Adviser.

  • Understanding Residential Care Costs

    The Department of Social Services (DSS) sets the maximum fees for care and daily living expenses. The daily care fees cover costs such as nursing care, housekeeping and meals, and are paid by all residents.

    Residents with assets assessed as below threshold by DSS may be eligible for Government support with accommodation costs.

    There are 2 primary options for payment of accommodation costs:

    • 1. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) - which is fully refunded at the end of a resident’s stay.
    • 2. Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) - which is calculated from the maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR) on the RAD, converted into a daily fee. DSS sets the MPIR
    • 3. There are also options for combination of RAD and DAP also if needed.
  • Complete the Cobdenhealth Resident Agreement

    When you decide to make Cobdenhealth your new home, we provide you with our Resident Agreement, which details the services we provide, the fees and your rights and responsibilities.

    Don’t worry - we will help you through any paperwork and the process for moving in.

  • Your Life, Your Choices

    You choose whether you want a blank canvas to personalize with your own things, or the extent to which you would like us to furnish your room, to transform it into your new home. We encourage residents to bring their beloved things to make them feel at home. We can customize some elements of the room to suit and provide a range of services to make life easy.

    Our rotating seasonal menu is developed with our dietician and all meals are cooked fresh. Menu selection accommodates special dietary needs as well as preferences and dislikes. Friends and family are welcome to join residents for meals and there is a private dining room that can be booked for celebrations.

    Residents are encouraged to participate in activities that promote their wellbeing, as they would at home – like maintaining hobbies and going on outings, to keep mentally stimulated.

  • Looking after your needs

    Residents have a Personal Care Plan developed in consultation with them, their family and healthcare team. The Personal Care Plan identifies self-care and nursing requirements, as well as preferences for foods and activities. This plan is reviewed and updated at least monthly to ensure that changing care needs continue to be met.

    We provide a wide range of allied health services (podiatrist, physiotherapist, psychologist, hearing, remedial massage therapist) to manage health needs, and we can organise dentistry, optometry and other services as needed.

End of Life Care

Our kind of care is patient-centred to promote quality of life. When the time approaches for end of life care, we provide the highest quality services centred on the patient, their family and primary carers.

Our highly trained nursing staff get to know the patient’s values and end of life wishes, in order to ensure their physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs are met.

We work together with a patient’s doctor and other health professionals to provide the best possible support to manage quality of life for the patient and those close to them. We ensure that patients and carers have access to information and other supports that are needed at this challenging time.

Our palliative care support is available for community members (non-residents) on a fee for service basis. We have a comfortably furnished room in close proximity to the nurses’ station, with private access for ease of visiting by friends and family.


Please contact Cobdenhealth (03) 5595 3100 for further information and to discuss your needs.

Cobden Health - End of Life Care