Urgent Care Services

The quality accredited Cobdenhealth Urgent Care Centre operates a 24-hour / 7 days a week providing emergency stabilisation. The Urgent Care Centre is located at 5 Victoria Street, Cobden, adjacent to the entrance of the main facility.

The Urgent Care Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses trained in Advanced Life Support and is equipped with Tele-health. Patient needs are assessed and as necessary, a medical practitioner or the ambulance service is contacted for support. Patients requiring transfer are sent to the closest regional or major trauma service.

Cobdenhealth Members receive free treatment from Cobdenhealth. Other charges may be incurred for treatment by a medical practitioner or the Ambulance Service.

Call Cobdenhealth for the Urgent Care Centre on (03) 5595 3100 at any time.

In an emergency always call 000.

  • Community Defibrillator

    There is 24 hour access to a defibrillator located on the external wall at the entrance of the Urgent Care Centre. The defibrillator has clear instructions for use. Call Cobdenhealth anytime for support.

    Other public defibrillators in Cobden are located at the Golf course and the Football Club.

    If you or someone you are caring for has chest pain call 000 immediately.

  • Victorian Ambulance Service

    Cobdenhealth is partnering with the Victorian Ambulance Service to provide high quality, responsive emergency care in our local community.

Delivered Meals

Meals on Wheels is a great lunch delivered by a friendly volunteer, every day of the week between 11.30am and 1pm.

Meals are prepared fresh each day using quality ingredients that reflect a seasonal menu, and are customized for meet most dietary and nutritional needs.

If you or someone you care for needs support with meals, please contact Cobdenhealth for further information.

Allied Health Services

Building individual self-reliance and participation promotes better health. Our wonderful staff are committed to promote community health, illness prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Bookings or enquiries for our wide range of health care services can be made on (03) 5595 3100.

  • General Counselling

    A qualified Counsellor is available to assist people to manage their issues of concern, such as personal relationships, health problems, grief and loss, family violence, drug and alcohol misuse, traumatic and stressful events. This confidential service is available weekly on Mondays

  • Denture Clinic

    An in-house denture service is available every Thursday at Cobdenhealth, which is able to provide new full and partial dentures, relines and repairs to appliances, and laminated mouth-guards. This service is supported by Veterans Affairs and the Victorian Dental Scheme and is claimable on Private Health Insurance.

  • Hearing and Wax Removal

    Hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, repairs, battery replacement and wax removal services are available from Coastal Hearing Services on Thursdays at Cobdenhealth to help improve your hearing or to deal with potential hearing problems. Call (03) 5562 0004 for bookings or enquiries.

  • Massage / Myotherapy

    Our qualified Myotherapist provides a range of treatments tailored to individual needs, including massage, manual therapy, dry needling and prescribing specific exercise / stretching / load management / activity modification. Appointments can be scheduled out of business hours.

  • Osteopathy

    Our registered Osteopath is available to treat a wide range of ailments including headaches, neck and lower back/hip pain and sports injuries. Osteopathy focuses on the link between the body’s structure and the way it functions. Patient active involvement in their own recovery is emphasized.

  • Physiotherapy

    Our highly qualified Physiotherapist is available to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. If you have back or neck pain, arthritis, headaches, sports injuries, chronic pain or require post-surgical rehabilitation, our Physiotherapist is available for appointments 4 days per week. Some rehabilitation treatments also utilise the Warm Water Pool.

  • Podiatry

    Our Podiatrist is available on Thursdays for the treatment of acute and chronic nail conditions, corns, calluses and warts, and can recommend appropriate footwear, exercise or orthotic devices for the management of foot pain. Podiatry is important for maintaining foot health and mobility, particularly for those who have circulation problems, diabetes, or a variety of other conditions.